Pups Policies



Wolf Lake Elementary School-Wide Common AreaStudent Procedures and Behavioral Expectations


  • Students are expected to walk in orderly lines in the hallway, staying to the right side, unless directly otherwise by an adult.
  • It is expected that students are quiet in the hallways at all times. Learning is happening all around us. We will not disturb others.
  • Students are expected to keep their hands off the walls to keep our painted walls clean.
  • Students are expected to enjoy the artwork, bulletin boards and other displays with their eyes and not their hands. Please do not touch!
  • Students are always expected to travel with a buddy.


  • Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 are to use designated stairwells at all times.
  • Walk to the right of the stairwell and hold the handrails at all times.
  • Teachers have been designated to use certain stairways for dismissal. Please follow the directions of your teacher and use the assigned stairs.
  • Use caution on the stairways. No horse-playing.
  • Do not pull rolling backpacks up the stairs or down the stairs. Carry backpacks on your back when using the stairs.

Elevator Use

    • The elevator will only be used by students who have medical needs which require this previously approved by administration. All other students are to use stairwells and not the elevator


  • Students are not to be on campus prior to 8:15 AM. Students who need to come to school earlier must be enrolled in Extended Day. Extended Day students are to meet in the cafeteria from 7:00-8:15.
  • Breakfast is served from 8:15-8:40 a.m. Those students eating breakfast must come in to the cafeteria quietly, find their name card and proceed through the line. All breakfast students are expected to eat quickly and quietly, clean up their area and leave the breakfast area.
  • When students arrive on campus, they are to go directly to the cafeteria if it is before 8:30. Those students who finish breakfast or arrive before classes are opened (8:30) need to come to the cafeteria and sit with their designated grade level. Students may talk quietly during this time, but everyone must be sitting with their assigned grade level and talk in a quiet voice.
  • Students arriving after 8:30 may proceed directly to class. Students are not to visit other teacher’s classrooms, wander the halls, etc… All students are to report directly to class.
  • Those students who are in the cafeteria will be dismissed at 8:30 to go to class. Students need to follow the lead of the supervising adult when being escorted to classes.


  • Students who are bike riders and walkers will be escorted with a teacher. These students are to exit the building from the front door of the school. Walkers must proceed home and bike riders must access their bikes and proceed home. Siblings can meet in this area. Students riding bikes must wear helmets and are encouraged to secure their bicycle with a lock.
  • Students who are participating in afternoon Extended Day will be in the first group of students who are called to be dismissed. These students will be walked and directed to the cafeteria for check in.
  • Students who are car riders will be escorted by a teacher to the car rider area. All of these students will sit with their assigned grade level and wait quietly in the lobby area and wait for their names to be called on the speaker. Once their name is called, they are to exit the front doors and load their cars.
  • Students who are bus riders will be called and escorted out of the building by a teacher through the side door by the PE pavilion to the bus loading area. Students are to locate their bus sign and load their bus quietly and quickly if the bus has arrived. Those who are waiting for busses are to sit in a line by their designated bus sign.

Cafeteria Procedures and Expectations

In order to maintain a safe and orderly environment in the cafeteria and promote an enjoyable dining experience, Wolf Lake students are expected to follow these procedures and expectations:


  1. Enter through the door closest to the media center and stay in a quiet line. Those students bringing lunch from home may go directly to their color table.
  2. Those getting a school lunch must proceed to the lunch line. Students are encouraged to pay by the week or month to keep their accounts current.
  3. When students are dismissed, they are to clear all of their trash and proceed to the trash receptacles.
  4. Students will be lined up to wait for their teacher on the side of the cafeteria which is closest to the stage.


  1. Students are expected to enter the cafeteria quietly and stay in an orderly line. They may talk quietly in line, outside of the kitchen area. There is to be no talking in the kitchen area. Students are expected to behave appropriately in line (no horseplay)
  2. Students may talk quietly while they are eating, but the focus should be on eating first. Students are expected to keep the noise level down while they are dining, to make for an enjoyable cafeteria experience for all.
  3. Students are to talk only to those classmates at their table. No one should be yelling down the table, turning around to visit other tables, or talking to those in line.
  4. Students are to remain seated at all times in the cafeteria. If a student needs to get up, they are to raise their hand and ask permission.
  5. Students are to eat their own food and not the food of others.
  6. Students are to sit with their feet under the table at all times.
  7. When an adult rings the school bell to get your attention, all students are to be silent and wait for instructions.
  8. When students are being dismissed, they are to clear all of their trash from the table and the floor around them. Keep our cafeteria clean!
  9. Students are expected to walk at all times in the cafeteria.
  10. When lining up and waiting for their teacher to pick them up, students are to stand in an orderly line without talking.